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First off thanks again for choosing Petite Street to be part of your big day! We are excited to bring a unique bartending experience to your party and can’t wait to meet with you at the upcoming cocktail tasting. We love creating signature drinks for parties that showoff your event style and speak about your personalities. Before we can create a these amazing cocktails for you, we wanted to ask a couple questions about your drink preferences, so as to best suit your tastes. We will bring up to 6 cocktails for you to try at the cocktail tasting.
This Agreement for Bartending Services ("Agreement") is entered into between
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referred to as “Client,” and Jeff Edwards and Angela Ceccarelli (owners), referred to as “Petite Street.”
PETITE STREET WILL: - Supply all plastic glassware for all of the beverages we provide. - Supply all non-alcoholic mixers, syrups, garnishes and fresh juices needed to make the cocktails that have been selected. These are different than non-alcoholic beverages which will be provided by the client. - Provide all ice for all cold beverages served out of the trailer. - Be responsible for the acquisition of all licenses and permits required to provide bartending services for the event. - Be responsible for all setup and take down of trailer and bar. - Be responsible for ensuring that no underage patrons are served alcohol from the bar. The Bartenders will also use their discretion to cease serving patrons who are visibly intoxicated, behaving inappropriately, or who may pose a risk to themselves or others. - Provide professional service for duration of the party. If additional hours are added prior to the day of the event, such agreement shall be discussed and agreed upon beforehand. If additional hours are added on the day of the event, an oral agreement for additional coverage shall be binding for the client. If agreed upon, on the event day, overtime hours may be added for an additional fee. ($200 an hour) - We will remove all garbage/bottles that we bring to the event. If the client provides the alcohol they will be responsible for disposal. We do not have the physical capacity to take and dispose of anything we do not bring to the event.
- It is the responsibility of the client to make sure the trailer and truck can safely be driven in and out of their given venue. The trailer (16 feet long, 8 feet wide, 8 feet tall) must have adequate space free from branches and other debris that could scratch/harm the trailer or prohibit it from safe entry/exit. The truck length is 21 feet, the trailer is 16 feet long, together the overall length is 37 feet long. Please keep in mind the total length needed to get into your desired spot. The road in/out of the venue must be suitable for driving our truck/trailer. The desired location for the trailer to be set up must be on a FLAT surface that is either concrete or asphalt. Grass/gravel/bark and other soft ground surfaces are not suitable for the Petite Street trailer. The trailer can easily be moved on concrete/asphalt but it is to heavy and can not be moved on other surfaces. If your desired location is not on concrete/asphalt it must be approved by Petite Street owners prior to the event. If for any reason the Petite Street owners deem the conditions unsafe to tow the trailer into the venue the day of the event the clients will be charged 50% of their total bill and services may not be provided. - Clients must make sure all alcohol is provided (unless provided by Petite Street) is delivered to the desired location of the trailer. The alcohol must be placed at the location of where the trailer should be set up so that Petite Street can set-up for the event without issue of gathering/moving the alcohol. -Kegs should be kept cold prior to our arrival. Kegs can ONLY have American (D coupler) or European (S coupler) style taps. If you are ordering a specialized keg and are not sure which tap it has, please notify us ahead of time. Our kegerator can only pour beers with American (D) or European (S ) couplers. - It is the clients responsibility to dispose of everything that is brought to the event by anyone other than Petite Street. If you are in charge of providing alcohol, it is your responsibility to dispose of all the alcohol bottles and boxes. Anything that was brought to the event by Petite Street will be disposed of by Petite Street. - At the end of the event there needs to be a clear path for the truck to be able to pull the trailer out. It is the client's responsibility to make sure there are not tables, chairs etc. blocking the trailer in. This needs to be planned out before the event and should be made aware to the wedding planner if there is one. If for any reason the trailer is blocked in and we can not leave the venue, we will document the amount of time lost and $100 per hour will be added to your invoice. After each event we still have to get home safely, not being able to leave really does become a big problem for us. Please keep this in mind when we decide on where the trailer should be placed for your event.
MANDATORY DEPOSIT: To reserve your date, a deposit is due upon signature of this Agreement. This is to book the specified date for the event and is NON-REFUNDABLE. Full payment is due two weeks before the event. RETURNED CHECKS: If any check offered by Client to Petite Street in payment of any amount due under this Agreement is returned for lack of sufficient funds, a “stop payment” or for any other reason, Client will pay Petite Street a returned check charge of $25 plus any fees assessed by Petite Street’s banking institution as a result of the returned check. FINAL PAYMENT - Client agreed to pay the full amount quoted in the invoice and must pay in full one week prior to event. ADDITIONAL FEES - Client agrees to pay any additional fees added to their invoice after the event. All additional fees must be paid in full within one week after the event.
- Petite Street does not assume any responsibility for "Acts Of God" (i.e.: inclement weather), unforeseen circumstances (i.e.: road construction delays, health problems, car accidents, loss or theft of trailer), and/or on-site facility caused problems (i.e.: insufficient or faulty electrical supply etc.) which may hamper, delay and/or disrupt our professional services. Upon these unforeseen circumstances a full refund will be issued to the client.
CANCELLATION: In the event of cancellation, the initial deposit to save the date is non-refundable. If the event is canceled within 90 days of the event the full amount will become non-refundable.
We have read and agree with the terms and conditions stated in this agreement. *
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Please type your names below. This will act just as a physical signature.