Converting a Vintage trailer into a mobile bar

Our inspiration for turning a vintage trailer into a catering bar came from our love for vintage campers and craft cocktails. We decided to combine our two passions and create Petite Street a mobile bar for hire. 

The "after photo"


First we needed to find the perfect trailer. After looking around for awhile we happened to stumble across an 1959 "canned-ham" Flamingo trailer rotting away in a neighbor’s yard. After leaving a note on the trailer saying we wanted to buy it, we were called later by the owner offering it to us for only $200. We snagged it and then the real work began.

The "before photo"


The trailer needed to be completely redone. The wood was rotted and there was water damage. The first step was to demo the trailer. Water damage is a brutal thing to fix, once we opened up the walls and saw everything, it just got worse. Let's just say that the demolition phase didn't end until it looked like a flatbed trailer.


The only thing still original in the trailer now is the storage shelving. We put in all new flooring and brand new aluminum skin.


Work continued until we had started to transform this old vintage trailer into something that resembled a bar on wheels. 


It was a great day when we the trailer was officially finished. It was no easy task but our dream of opening a craft cocktail bar out of a vintage trailer was about to come true.


Owners Jeff and Angela mixing up some cocktails in the bar.

Petite Street - a mobile bar for hire.

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Having bar services on wheels allows us to bring the party to you! And our vintage trailer bar adds a unique twist to any outdoor party.

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Each party will have it's own curated cocktail/wine/beet menu. Our cocktails are all made with fresh squeezed juices, handmade syrups and always have a fresh garnish. Beer can be served on tap from inside the trailer bar and along with wine and bubbles. We can customize any drink menu fit the party.  

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We love weddings and creating signature cocktails for the bride and groom. These cocktails are a fun way to show off the event style and speak about their personalities.


Now open for bookings... Contact us to have Lake Tahoe's first vintage trailer bar at your next event or wedding.