How To Choose the Perfect Signature Cocktails for your Wedding

Planning on having signature drinks at your wedding? We've created a short guide to help you and your fiancé choose the perfect signature drinks for your big day.

Think about what you like

What is your go-to drink when you walk up to a bar? A Negroni? Cosmopolitan? Dirty Martini? Mezcal Margarita? Figuring out what you like is one of the most important things. You want your drink to not only be delicious but to represent you. This is YOUR cocktail. You can pick whatever you like. Try and be creative but also stick to what you like, since you will also be drinking this cocktail all night long,


Decide on spirits

An easy way to start is to decide which spirit or hard liquor you want to be in your cocktail. If you are doing "His" and "Her" cocktails it's nice to pick two different base spirits like Vodka and Bourbon, or Tequila and Gin. This way there are more options for your guests.

Match your party and season

Having a fiesta themed wedding? How about some margaritas? Vintage theme? Try out some prohibition cocktails like a French 75. Think about the season. If your wedding is in the fall think about using some fall flavors. For example a Apple Bourbon Cider. Another fun thing to think about is matching the colors of your wedding. If your colors are purple and white think of doing a Lavender Bee's Knees. We definitely think cocktails are better when you use fresh and seasonal ingredients.

Spice or sweeten it up

Try spicing up your cocktail with a different variation. If you prefer spicy cocktails think of adding an optional jalapeño syrup or a pinch of cayenne to your drink. If you like sweeter cocktails, try adding some Elderflower Liquor or a honey syrup. The options are endless. 

Add a fresh garnish

We are all about fun and fresh garnishes. You can really add a lot to a cocktail by adding a unique garnish. Brandied cherries, citrus slices, and berries are all great traditional garnishes. A fun idea is to add a fresh herb sprig like thyme, rosemary, or mint! This splash of greenery always looks stunning in a glass and the smell adds to the cocktail tremendously. One of our favorites garnishes in summer is fresh lavender sprig!


Give it a fun name

Try adding a playful name to your cocktail. Think of something you both love and name your drink after that, for example a pet or a city you really love. Use your names or wedding hashtag to help name your cocktail. Or there is always the funny wedding names like "Blushing Bride" or "Wedding Bell-ini".

Top with something non-alcoholic

One of our recommendations is to pick a drink with a lower ABV (alcohol by volume). Although we all love Martinis and Manhattans they are straight booze and you don't want people to get too tipsy at your wedding. We suggest adding a topper of soda water, ginger beer, or some other non-alcoholic beverage to your cocktail so it isn't as strong. This help keep people sipping but not getting too drunk.

Have fun with it

This is your chance to have fun with you wedding cocktails! It's not everyday you get a custom cocktail created just for you, that all of your closest family and friends will get to try.


We hope this guide will help you create some fun and unique signature drinks for your wedding.

If you have any questions or would like some ideas feel free to email us.


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